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The Peace Silver Dollar

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The Peace Silver Dollar - A Brief History

Peace Silver DollarPeace Silver Dollar Reverse The Peace silver dollar was minted as a peace commemorative coin to replace the Morgan silver dollar (1878-1921). Designed by Anthony De Francisci, a total of three U. S. Mints were involved in the production of Peace dollars from 1921 through 1935: Denver; Philadelphia; and San Francisco. Approximately 190,577,000 Peace silver dollars were minted during these years.

Most of the silver dollars minted in 1921 were Morgan dollars (86,730,000). Minting of Peace silver dollars didn't begin until December of that year by the Philadelphia mint. Only 1,006,473 high-relief Peace dollars were produced with the 1921 date and are worth more than most others.

In 1922, 84,275,000 Peace silver dollars were produced by all three mints. 1923 saw an additional mintage of 56,631,000 Peace dollars. These are the two most common dates.

10 Of The Most Valuable Peace Silver Dollars (Low Mintage)**

1928 - 360,649; 1927 - 848,000; 1927S - 866,000; 1934 - 954,057; 1921 - 1,006,473; 1934S - 1,011,000; 1927D - 1,268,900;1934D - 1,569,500; 1928S - 1,632,000; 1924S - 1,728,000. 

** Circulated coins in very good condition may fetch a premium price over and above the normal premium due to the low mintage and demand for these coins-especially the 1928, 1927 and 1921.

Authorization for the mintage of 45,000,000 silver dollars was granted in the mid- '60s and 316,076 Peace dollars (dated 1964) were produced by the Denver mint. Before these coins were released into circulation, someone in authority must have had "a change of heart". No more silver dollars from this authorization were minted and all of the 1964 Peace dollars were melted (there are no known survivors).


The Peace Silver Dollar - More Details

The Peace silver dollar features the head of Lady Liberty on the obverse side and a perched eagle on the reverse. Peace Dollar Mint Mark The mint mark is in the lower left on the reverse side, under the "ONE". Mint marks are "D" for Denver and "S" for the San Francisco Mints. If no mint mark appears, it was minted in Philadelphia.

Peace silver dollars are 90% silver and 10% copper. Uncirculated Peace dollars contain .7734 Troy ounces of pure silver (24.0566 grams) with a gross weight of .859 Troy ounces (26.728 grams). Circulated Peace dollars are considered to contain .7650 Troy ounces of pure silver due to the "wear factor" in handling them (sometimes referred to as trade content). Circulated Peace dollars (and other circulated silver coins) are commonly (and unjustly) referred to as "junk silver".

To get the most silver dollars for your money (and still get decent coins), you may want to concentrate on higher-mintage, circulated Peace dollars. Look for grades such as Extremely Fine (EF or XF) or About Uncirculated (AU). If you want better coins than that, concentrate on uncirculated coins. Uncirculated coins begin with Mint State 60 (MS60) and usually top out at MS65 or MS66.

To determine the silver (melt) value of a circulated Peace dollar, multiply the current spot price of silver by .7650.

Example: $15.00 x .7650 = $11.48

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