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The Winged Liberty "Mercury" Dime

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Don't let the Mercury Dime's size fool you. In 1980, this silver coin could buy a gallon of gas. It wasn't because gas was so cheap. It was because silver was at an all-time high, reaching $50.00 per ounce. Some say it is headed that high again. Read on... 

The Silver Mercury Dime - A Brief History

Officially known as the Winged Liberty Head Dime, the wings crowning Liberty's cap on the obverse are meant to symbolize liberty of thought. Designed by Adolph A. Weinman, this popular coin was minted from 1916 through 1945.

A total of three U. S. Mints were involved in the production of this popular coin: Denver; Philadelphia; and, San Francisco. As with any silver (and gold) coins, some are more valuable than others due to low mintage/scarcity, condition, demand, etc. Here are the...

Five Of The Most Valuable (Lowest Minted) Mercury Dimes**

1916D - 264,000; 1921D - 1,080,000;
1921 - 1,230,000; 1931D - 1,260,000;
1926S - 1,520,000.

** Circulated coins in even fair condition may fetch a premium price over spot silver due to the low mintage (and therefore rarity) of these coins. The 1916D is especially valuable. A circulated 1916D in just fair condition may be worth several hundred dollars.

The Mercury Dime - More Details

This dime features an image of a Winged Liberty The Mercury Dime - silver bullion coinHead on the obverse side with a fasces and olive branch on the reverse (fasces: a bundle of white birch rods bound together around an ax with the blade projecting, carried before ancient Roman magistrates as an emblem of authority). The mint mark appears on the reverse, to the left of the fasces. Mint marks are "D" for Denver and "S" for the San Francisco Mints. If no mint mark appears, it was minted in Philadelphia.

Reverse view of Silver Mercury DimeMercury Dimes are 90% silver and 10% copper. Uncirculated dimes contain .0723 Troy ounces of pure silver (2.25 grams) with a gross weight of .08 Troy ounces (2.50 grams). Circulated dimes are considered to contain .0715 Troy ounces of pure silver (2.2239 grams) due to the "wear factor" in handling these coins. Circulated silver coins are often referred to as "junk silver" but don't believe it.

To determine the silver (melt) value of a circulated Mercury Dime, multiply the current spot price of silver times .0715.

Example: $20.00 x .0715 = $1.43

Mercury Dimes on Amazon

One place to buy these dimes is at your local coin shop, but don't overlook Amazon. Here you will find circulated and uncirculated coins sold in quantities of one or in small lots. 

If you decide to invest in circulated silver dimes, keep in mind that approximately 14 dimes equal one ounce of silver and use that as a buying guide. Of course, circulated dimes in excellent condition as well as uncirculated dimes (graded MS60 and higher) will fetch a higher price than those having common dates and in just fair condition.

Dimes like these are great in barter situations. You would be wise to have some in your possession. For your convenience, I have included a sampling of Mercury Dimes available on Amazon. You might be able to pick up some Merc dimes at a decent price. Please be aware I receive a small compensation if you buy silver coins through this site which does not result in you paying more. Click on "Go" to see a larger selection.

Disclaimer: I have made every reasonable effort to produce an informative and helpful article on Mercury Dimes based on my research and experiences. However, I make no representation or warranties of any kind with regard to its completeness, accuracy or suitability for any specific situation or purpose. See Terms and Conditions for more info.

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