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Morgan Silver Dollar With Carson City Mint Mark

Morgan CC Silver Dollars 

What makes Carson City Morgan Silver Dollars so popular? There are a few very good reasons why this silver dollar is treasured above most other Morgan silver dollars by investors and collectors alike. After reading this article, you may want to add one or more of these "special" silver dollars to your collection.

The Carson City Mint, which produced the Morgan CC Silver Dollar, was in operation from 1870 through 1893 - a total of 24 years. The minting of Morgan CC Silver Dollars occurred for only 13 of those years, from 1878 through 1885 and again from 1889 through 1893.

Approximately 13,862,000 Morgan Silver Dollars were minted by the Carson City Mint, the least of any of the five U. S. Mints that produced Morgans. Even the Denver Mint, which produced silver Morgan dollars for only one year (1921) produced 20,345,000. It is estimated that only 2% of all Morgan dollars ever minted bear the "CC" mint mark.

The scarcity of Carson City Morgans is Morgan CC Mint Markprobably the primary reason for their popularity. 13,862,000 is a very large number but after the Pittman Act of 1918 authorized the melting of 270,232,722 Morgan dollars, no one can say for sure how many Carson City Morgan Silver Dollars are still in existence.


Below I have listed the quantity of Morgan Dollars minted at Carson City for each of the 13 years. CC Morgan Silver dollars with dates of 1881, 1885 and 1889 are especially rare due to their low mintage. You can expect to pay a healthy price plus premium when buying any of these lower mintage silver Morgans.

1878CC = 2,212,000; 1879CC = 756,000; 1880CC = 591,000; 1881CC = 296,000; 1882CC = 1,133,000; 1883CC = 1,204,000; 1884CC = 1,136,000; 1885CC = 228,000; 1889CC = 350,000; 1890CC = 2,309,041; 1891CC = 1,618,000; 1892CC = 1,352,000; 1893CC = 677,000

For your convenience, I have included a sampling of Carson City Morgan dollars available on Amazon. You might be able to pick up some nice CC Morgans with some careful shopping. Please be aware I receive a small compensation if you buy silver coins through this site which does not result in you paying more. Click on "Go" to see a larger selection.



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